>New and Parallel

>Lately, I’ve been busy and unable to post anything to the blog after my birthday. We had the disability Sunday on 5th June and it was wonderful. God took over the service although we were not prepared.

I’ve been working on my second personal business and it’s been hectic. I’ve attended events just to grab information about the industry. To be truthful I was a bit tom-boyish in the past but I’m becoming girlie because of the nature of the business. The good thing’s I get to use my talent while working.

And now some credits to the King of all Kings. He has made all things well. Sometime ago I was faced with a difficult situation and this would have got me in more serious trouble than I thought but my Creator is awesome. God made the situation a stepping stone to success and I’m so grateful to him. Following this blog will be a short article on my new business, I’ll place it under the Passion tab so you can read it.

Sometime last year, I applied to attend King’s College London for my Masters program among others and to my surprise they did not wait for all the References to be complete before giving me an admission. The funny thing’s my Supervisor at Uni really wished I get into KCL apparently, the head of department is her very good friend and she goes around Strand for coffee every friday. In her words, “We could hang out”.. Lol. She made me laugh. Well, the good thing’s I’m finally a postgrad student. Thanks be to God.

To cap this whole indefinite and parallel story: All this work together for those who love God, to them who are called according to his purpose. He proved that severally between May and Now. I love Jesus so much because he has my interest at heart and he would never disappoint me. Do you love him too because he first loved you?


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