A collection of rare thoughts is nothing less than a cabinet of intellectual gems.- William B. Sprague

Planning is done daily by almost everyone but how many do take action after planning? Today was a great day for me although I spent the day in church but I achieved a lot. I learnt to be on the look out for those who intend throwing garbage in your ‘Garden’. It could be the Garden of life, or the Garden of Salvation but you have to watch out. Many people are there just to poke you, they want to ruin your plans, they want to see you hurt, or they just want to be part of your life negatively. Some do not intend doing it but do it others intentionally do it. Whatever you do in life, be on Guard. Guard your salvation jealously, guard your belief, guard your ideas, guard your thoughts, guard your marriage, guard your tongue, and everything you do not intend sharing with the world. The best person to share your ideas or problems with is your Creator. God alone knows the heart of everyone and he alone can provide a solution.

This was one of the many things I learnt today and hence forth I am taking charge. I’ve always had the notion of DPA and all aspects of my life have followed this process. It is the D-ecide, P-lan, A-ction. It is one thing to make a decision and it is another to determine to do it. Your decisions are conditional but Determinations are unconditional; because you have determined to do something new, you would do it against all odds. That’s a bit of my live-daily tip and I was inspired in this direction by Anthony Robbins(he is a motivational speaker and author of  ‘Awaken the Giants within’. His picture is in one of my earlier posts).

More information coming your way. Don’t forget to check other pages, they are vital.


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