In Time

Section 1

Kayla ran around, knocking on her neighbours’ doors. She looked confused, bereft and hungry. Her hair looked so unkempt and her clothes worn.

Mrs Eja peeped through her window and had compassion. She opened her door, this was not the first time Kayla had banged on her door at midnight.

“What is the matter? You look really depressed.” Mrs Eja said as she patted the sofa for her to take her seat. “My baby is dying, we’ve got nothing left in the house.” She sniffed and cried.

Mrs Eja quickly walked to the kitchen to get a bowl of beef stew she had prepared that Evening. “Here you go and here are some biscuits and potatoes. Call me if you need anything. Hurry now.”

Kayla was more than grateful to Mrs Eja who has always been of help to her although she’d refused to accept Mrs Eja’s religion, she loved her for her kindness and hospitality. Read More


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