In time – Continuation

Section 4

Thomas Vincent, Kayla’s colleague watched Kayla daily as she faithfully did her job and closed for work early without her usual ‘asking for more shifts’. He couldn’t comprehend the depressive looks that became a constant phenomenon on her face. “Is everything okay, Miss Kayla?” he asked her on lunch break as he took a bite of his favourite sandwich (bacon, lettuce and tomato). Kayla just gave a nod, not wishing to share her life with her colleague. “How’s little miss Sheila doing?” the thought of Sheila and how incapable Kayla has been to take care of her only daughter made the tears roll down her eyes. Thomas was taken aback as he pulled his chair aside to comfort Kayla.

Thomas and Kayla became a daily discussion point among the female workers at Park Plaza, unknowing to them the duo weren’t dating. Thomas took Kayla to a couple of parties while he got his sister Victoria to babysit Sheila.

Kayla knew things were not going right when all of a sudden her life was in a rapid motion. Not long after she became really close to Thomas she started seeing Lord Gregory who happened to be an icon in the country at the moment. She’d been with him during his business trips to Dubai, she was with him to sign a contract in Netherlands, and here she found herself with him in the beautiful city of New York at a Doran Karan shop. “This is so not right. So what he pays my bills and takes care of Sheila?” she thought, reminisced, and wondered as they wandered the streets of New York.

Her relationship with her dear old neighbour Mrs Eja, always dropped down the friendship scale each time she returned from a trip with Lord Gregory. Here she was after Lord Gregory went bankrupt and she had lost her job at the hotel, with Mrs Eja begging for food. Her life truly was a mess. She hadn’t only dated a married man but became a call girl all for the sake of money.

Each day she returned in the morning, she had a bath, she’d scrub as much as possible trying to scrub the guilt of her body, unknown to her that you cannot hide from the one who knows all things.


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