South Sudan Independence

Tensions in Sudan’s north-south border area of Abyei heightened after northern troops seized control on 21 May. After 10 days of unrest, an agreement was reached at the beginning of June to set up a demilitarised zone along the border. Details of the agreement are still unclear.Tens of thousands of people have been displaced from the area. Homes have been burnt and looted. People are sleeping outside and relying on food aid as NGOs, the government and the UN struggle to support the huge numbers without food and shelter.

Following the 2005 peace agreement, the status of Abyei was left undecided and a separate referendum for the region, due last January, on whether the area should be part of the north or south has been postponed indefinitely.

Separate fighting has also broken out in South Kordorfan, bordering both the South and Abyei, causing thousands to flee, bearing stories of horrific killings and aerial attacks.

Our team has been busy flying to support organisations like Medair and Tearfund.

Join Mission Aviation Fellowship in praying for Sudan
Pockets of insecurity due to tribal conflict continue in other parts of the country. The peace deal in 2005 ended 22 years of civil war in which some 1.5 million people died. In January South Sudan voted to become independent. Independence Day is set for 9 July. 

Join us in praying for peace and stability to return to Abyei and other parts of Sudan.MAF has a long history of involvement in Sudan and is keen to uphold the nation in prayer.

This is a crucial time as to whether Sudan remains at peace or war begins… again.
We are encouraging our Supporters to keep praying with us for Sudan as the future of this nation unfolds.

MAF’s belief is that ‘God has placed us in Sudan and provided permissions and other resources to fly into the country “for such a time as this.”’

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