The home of those abandoned,

The toil of motherland,

The sweat of our men,

Stinks daily without the fruit of our labour shown

The people who care for the Lion

Are all asleep

All they want is their wages

The hearts of our dear mothers pant of their children

The children grow into men and women

They follow suit in the ways those who’ve passed on behaved

Will there be change?

Will it ever occur?

We’re waiting and expecting

Other Kingdoms and tribes come to motherland to take what is ours

They have the audacity because we do not take pride in our home

We are famished and hungry,

Thirsty for justice

We want Peace, Happiness and most of all Justice

We were once lions,

Lions of Justice,

Lions of Wealth,

Lions of good leadership,

Lions with a purpose

The mothers cry: “To work Lion”

The Children cry: “On your feet Lion”

The Men cry: “Roar Lion”

The hearts of its kindred all cry and tear in pieces

It is now time,

We have had enough

LION OF AFRICA: “Arise and Roar” like you’ve done in the past



Your royal-green thought

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