More than A Virtue

I’m a farmer and for the past months there has been no rain. Do I till the ground and prepare for new planting or do I wait till it rains? I think I’ll be patient and wait few more weeks.

Sound of reasoning: Hey Farmer, you go ahead and prepare for planting because you do not know when it will rain

Farmer: I’m tired of waiting

Sound of reasoning: Patience is a virtue

Farmer: Ermm, maybe. Thanks

A week later comes a heavy downpour, day after day it rains. What made the Farmer change his mind? PATIENCE

Success is sweet: the sweeter if long delayed and attained through manifold struggles and defeats.
              —–A. Branson Alcott—-

This is something lacked by many including me the writer. It takes a lot of effort to have patience. Wealth doesn’t come like a wind and blow your way without your hard-work (obviously) but if you mix hard-work + patience = great harvest. Although, the illustration of the Farmer is a bit dull but you should get the message.

There is a sister to Patience and that’s perseverance. Abraham Lincoln did not only exhibit patience, he also exhibited the sister to it. If you have hard-work + patience + perseverance = Continuous great harvest.

Don’t get me wrong, there’ll always be ups and downs and that’s why your patience and perseverance needs to keep growing. It is more than a virtue, it is a daily bread. If we learn every day to be patient with little issues, we can learn to be patient when the tide comes.

Today, I’m going to take you through your first Task to becoming patient.

Go out and wait for a bus that takes ages to arrive. Do not take your watch with you and keep your phone away from you.

If you can wait for a bus that comes probably once in an hour then you are on your way to gaining the most powerful virtue and you are halfway down your route to success.


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