How it must feel

Have you ever done something GREAT for someone and felt stabbed at the back just after your good deed?

I’ll tell you my experience.

I worked so hard to make a friend happy,

Spent my time,

Spent my money shopping for my friend,

We went out bowling, ice skating and everything fun,

All at my expense

This friend had a special event and I worked hard to ensure it went well

I arranged for the make-up artist, the photographer, the hairdresser,

Even the car to take my special friend to the event

And then one morning, she shouts at me

Why? For just a simple mistake,

Well, I’m no fool to accept that

But I ignore the rising emotions and let go of the hurt

Same day, she uses my most expensive and priceless possession

Without a thanks

I ignore it with a hurt but then I let my anger subside

Within a couple of hours I ask for a little favour

A favour that would cost few minutes of her time

She was just going to visit another friend

And all she could say was “Sorry, I can’t I’ll be late”

I thought “What?” the hurt rises even more

I feel like slapping her pretty face

But I hold myself because I did all out of love

Just then I recollect

This must be the way Jesus feels when we upset him,

For every little lie, he gets a stab on his back,

For every theft, he gets a slap on his face,

For every little sin committed, he weeps for mankind

Because he is crucified again

If we have this attitude in mind every time we are tempted,

Heaven won’t be far from us when the time is right.


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