Get it Back!!!

The shouts and taunts of teenagers,

The cry of babies,

The moaning of Men,

And the naggings of Women,

All cry Get it Back

The Kings still do not understand the language of the people,

The people are done with untimely deaths,

Tribal wars,

Religious wars,




Theft and even more

Do we sit still and watch our birthright taken from us?

We were once Children to the first Countries

Treated like death, our culture devalued

We seemed like every other slave

Suddenly, we couldn’t take it any more

We fought for our right but it took one of the Princes of the Kingdom to do that

Now we are free; is the freedom best?

We should have been merged with other Kingdoms just like of yore

Life would have been better and our homes still standing,

We would go to other Kingdoms and feel at home

Now we go to other Kingdoms and feel ashamed

Get it back! The people cry out

Get it back! The nation is still crying

Patriots of our dear Country, Nigeria, fight to Get it back


Your royal-green thought

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