Moment of Truth

>I walk, run and think,
I pause and reminisce,
It all comes back like a flash of lightning

In the quest of true love I miss the mark
Now I try to walk back to find my course
But waves of sin erased my footprint and all I can think is Death

He told me how much he loved me and gave me all good things
It didn’t last for long I must say,
Soon greater torments, turmoil, and turbulent sea were my daily bread
Who could I cry to?

I did not forget how the pleasant man wanted me so badly and fought for me,
He gave everything to have me but I was blinded by what seemed good
The cruel man lured me with every asset I thought were His unknown to me he was a Thief

I pleaded everyday for his freedom but all he did was bound me in chains
I was torn and was taken aback when my chains broke free
I was free to go but didn’t know where

All I do is cry and pray for a miracle
I should have waited for true love
And now it’s the moment of truth

I neglected the pleasant man
Stupid and vain I was
All I wanted was the wealth of this world neglecting true happiness
I was impatient to true love

Now I stop running, I sit still
A hand guides me to safety
In his arms I feel love
I have missed his warmth
He speaks with a sweet voice and makes me go gaga
All I want to do is to love him with all my heart
To never let him go
To grab him with ample strength
And to tell him my moment of truth of my proud love to him

Now this moment I want to say “I love you Jesus”

This applies to every Christian and it is important for you to wait for God’s word before you make a mistake of fallen in love with the wrong person most especially the Devil.
I write this in my depressed moments and all I can say: “Even though the devil afflicts my body or tries to deceive me, the Lord is always there to uphold me and will not let me go”.


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