A Hand in the Wave: Snippet of the Author’s life

A whip to tear the back,

A tear without the trace of a smile,

Bent backs of suffering,

Bare backs without clothes

The rain never comes

“Let it rain,” a plea from the heart

“Just a drop,” a tear of sorrow

Will it ever rain?

Years of turmoil and heartaches,

Years of wishing and waiting for death,

Death, not forth coming

When will it come?

Under the tide of sickness,

Under much pain without food,

No help seem to be forth coming

Will there ever be a helping hand?

The wave roars daily,

At night it seems calm,

But just at the brake of day it comes with full force

When will the tempest be over?

Under the illusion?

No, faced with reality

The provision supplied is beyond imagination

The heartaches gone and life is born anew

The heart of many leap for joy

Finally, it is over

The long awaited day

Thanks to the hand in the wave: Jesus


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