….And there was deliverance

It all came together,

The curtain was drawn,

“It is finished,” just like our Lord said.

The Hearts of worship set ablaze

Hearts of gratitude singing

Hearts of prayers never relenting

What a grand fellowship

It was in a matter of hundreds of hours,

And the journey to true Deliverance took place.

All expectant hearts set to return with true Deliverance

The sweet communion among the people,

Gave rise to a fellowship with the Trinity

A delicious meal prepared for all by the Trinity,

Dished out, yielded its purpose

The true essence of worship reverberated,

As the hearts of all were rekindled

It all came to an end with the word

That cuts through even to the hardest rock,

The word that brings back to life,

The word that brings hope for the future,

The word that nullifies satanic plans,

The word that breaks the yoke of sin

And that word that brings total quality deliverance

The result of this journey

Cut across all areas of life,

Not excluding the purpose for which we travelled

True Salvation that gives hope of eternal life,

Entire Sanctification that keeps us strong in the saviour,

And the complete work of the Trinity,

Baptism of the Holy Ghost to bring to work salvation and sanctification which unites us with Jesus Christ as co-heir with him

Indeed there was Deliverance


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