Control it, Accept it

I sit listening to my Dad as he explains this: Emotion

He said, controlling your emotions shows your maturity. How you control your emotions define your personality

-I sit waiting for him to finish “Oh Dad!” I thought. I wasn’t in the mood to listen to it-

He quoted Jim Rohn (one of his favourite influencers: R.I.P Jim). Whenever Jim is in a traffic on his way to the airport about to miss his flight he says, he gets fascinated. The reason: he can’t control the situation so why get worried?

-That makes sense Dad, but I really need to go back to my movie: being uneasy on my seat but didn’t dare say it out to him I manage to sit for an extra minute-

“I tell you this with love” he continued, being that you are quite tempered. (“Well I’ve heard that before and I’m so trying”, I wanted to say). Never you worry especially when it is beyond your control. Do not cry for anything. This way you’ll stay happy and healthier and you’ll learn to take life as it is. That’s all I have to say” he concluded.

-“Hmm, true.” I sat still expecting him to say more but then it was bedtime.

My Dad taught me to “accept change with a smile” and I am passing this on to you too.

How you handle change determines your success and future happiness.

An extract: Most changes in your life will take place out of either “inspiration” or “desperation”

“A precious stone cannot be polished without friction or humanity perfected without trials.”


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