I am so….

Ever felt really strange in heart like you needed some love but not getting any?

Ever had a crush or fancied that handsome or beautiful person and wished they would just but touch you warmly or say your name?

“Oh she/he is coming, is she/he looking my way?”

“I just wish that person loved me the same way”

Ever day dreamed of that perfect life with that perfect someone?

Ever asked in your prayer “Is that person ‘the one’?”

Why don’t you start by writing a love letter to God who created love and is the Father of love? Start by saying My Beloved Savour or my Special Jesus or Loving Saviour or you can personalise it your own way. Then pour out that love, crush or attraction for your physical crush into the letter to Jesus. End with this: I am so in love with you Jesus (make sure you don’t make mistake with the name). Read this daily with your favourite Psalms (focus on Jesus not your physical crush now, imagine him as the physical crush). You’ll find out as you do this daily, God’s love registers in your heart and your physical crush becomes secondary because you’ve made Jesus your primary love.

I am soooooooooooooo in love with Jesus, are you?

(Do not forget you have to know him personally first for you to experience this love. Drop a message on emeraldphill@gmail.com if you do not know how)


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