Watch it!

Life may be at its peak,

Grades going great,

All the money coming in

No problems with Parents,

They all love and understand me

Watch it!

In some cases you have those who don’t have it great in life,

Parents are always on their case,

“I didn’t act this way to my Mum, why would mine be different?” They always say

Friends may always be there saying “what are friends for?” giving you all the advice

Watch it!

“The best student this year is – ” may be your name,

“Intelligent, wise, best behaved, but middle class” not bad,

“Please darling, pull up your trousers” or “You know you are very pretty but can you try not to wear tops that show your cleavage?” There she goes again, youths will always say

Watch it!

“Beware of the devices of the devil” the Pastor repeats every Sunday

The Peer pressure increasing daily to do ‘that thing’ you know is against God’s word,

That thing against your belief,

That thing that is not morally right,

That thing that could put you behind bars

Watch it!

Watch it my dear friend. I was once like you, a teenager, living to please friends, displeasing family thinking they talk too much, ‘playing’ church, pretending to be who I’m not, trying to belong to ‘that’ class of people in high school and at Uni, among the intellectuals, but an enemy to God. I realised just in time because God helped me to Watch it. God grabbed me just in time and saved me. It will be difficult but learn to lean on the everlasting arms, make him your best friend. I’m praying for you.


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