Who is your best friend?

Anyone asks you this question you quickly respond:

“The girl over there” or

“The tall, broad shouldered, blue eyed guy” or “the most handsome guy in class”

Some may say “You may not know her but she’s really classy and has got wisdom”

Tell me about your best friend, I’ll tell you about mine..

You may have heard his name or may have a clue about him but this is my view about my best friend. Do not expect to read about him as handsome, rich or wealthy, tall or short, or whatever you think you can describe physically. Like every other best friend, mine is special and I tell him everything in confidence.

He doesn’t get upset easily. I’ve hurt him so many times, uncountable, still he has forgiven me and loves me as always, Unconditionally. He has never ever hurt me. He’d do anything to make me happy, to make me smile, to make me comfortable. He gives me all I need and I have not regretted having a friend like him. He sees beyond my faults and failures, he sees the true person in me and shrugs off my weak points. He speaks to me with such calm that no one has ever done. He makes me feel loved and loves me always. He passes on this love to everyone I love too. I do not deserve such a friend and it was so difficult to understand why he’d love me so much even after the pain I’ve caused him. I disgraced him, made others spite him, denied him, got upset with him when he didn’t do what I wanted when I wanted it, never talked about him to my friends because I was afraid to be laughed at. One day I committed a great offence that I deserved severe punishment and even death; What my lovely friend did, he took my place never wanting me hurt. I was stunned beyond imagination and pledged my love to him. Through him I know what true love is, it is beyond imagination, it is felt deep down in your heart. Every day I have someone to talk to, someone to share my feelings, problems, pain, happiness and joy with. I feel peaceful because now I have found my best friend. Several times I’ve caught myself stealing away from him; every time I leave him he never gives up, he uses everything he’s got to get me back. He looks for me everywhere, anyway possible; he brings me back with love. Although he has other friends, he shows me daily that I am special.

Now you might be curious. Who is this friend of mine? Many of you may have guessed right. You’ve heard his name before. I want to introduce him to the whole world because I’ve fallen madly and deeply in love with him. He has captivated me, my heart longs for him daily, and I can’t wait to visit his house. He knows just when I need him and he is always there to listen to me. I love him beyond words can tell and I pray never to hurt him again because I can’t breathe without him.

His name is JESUS.

Tell me about your best friend.


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