Love Me, Chapter 2

Even a fool, when he holds his peace, is counted wise: and he that shuts his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.

(Proverbs 17:22)

Few years later, the shareholders at George’s company sold out their shares to him to invest in a higher line of business.

“I am here to see Mr. George Anya”

“Do you mind filling out your details on this slip please?” The security handed him a form and a pen. George’s lawyer and friend Gavin Kola was allowed to see George after a call had been placed to George’s office to confirm his availability.

“I sent for you to re-write my will.” George seemed excited but Gavin didn’t know the reason. “Why? If I may ask as your friend?” He said smiling. “I am now the sole owner of this organisation. I own 100% of the shares. I’d like to give part of the company to each of my daughters’”

“What about your wife?”

“She’s starting her IT consulting and software development firm very soon. And I’m giving her the cargo company to manage and most of my houses. She already has some land as well.”

“That’s good. Do you mind having a video of your Will as well?” Gavin thought it best to include a video of all his clients Will following one of his recent problems with a deceased client’s family. He told George about it and he had to defend himself in court of which George was present as a witness.

George laughed “Man! Are you scared? Not to worry. You can make a video if you choose but I don’t think it will be necessary.”

Emerald was now studying Law at Imperial College and both girls lived in a one bedroom flat in South Kensington. They always had friends around who either came to play games or study or for fashion.

“Hey sis! You need to come shopping with me. I’m at Oxford Street. Please. I need to get a dress for graduation. Mum and Dad wrote to say they’ll be attending.”

“Well, I don’t think I can come to Oxford Street right now. I am trying to prepare dinner. Maybe we’ll plan it for another time.”

“What is for dinner?”

“Lamb Casserole”

“Did you buy cooked one or you are preparing it from scratch”

“From scratch”

“Seriously? Well, I’ve got to go. I’ll see you soon but don’t cook rubbish.”



The graduation ceremony ended and the graduands proceeded to take their photographs.

“I’m so proud of you my baby.”

“Thanks Dad.” Sapphire said delightedly.

“Congrats love.” Grace said with a broad smile and a hug.

“I already got a job offer Dad”


“Yea. I intend working here for a while then return home to start-up my own business.”

“That’s interesting. I’ll definitely be of help.”

Sapphire admonished her sister to study hard if she intends graduating with a first class. She was excited to have her parents around. She introduced them to most of her lecturers and they acknowledged her as one of the best student in the department.

“Congratulations” kept coming from friends and family.

“I’ll be returning home after I’ve finished Uni” Emerald informed her parents. “Sapphire’s returning as well.” Their parents seemed happy at the news.

“Your Dad now attends a Catholic Church you know” Grace told them hoping to get a back up from her daughters.

“That’s good! Why do you make it sound like an abomination mum?”

“It looks awkward seeing your Dad going to church.” She laughed bleakly.

“I have told your mum to join me but she refused.” George looked sad at the thought.

“I don’t buy into religion, sorry. Religion is complex. Why are there so many churches still they say is One God we serve? It makes no sense.” She said sarcastically.

“Enough of Church now, can we go for dinner please? I’m starving” Emerald looked between her parents.

“Okay the bill is on me.” George smiled on hearing his daughter. “Nah, Dad takes care of bills.”

Ovo’s feet didn’t hurt from where he stood watching Sapphire and her family. He admired their togetherness and love. He wished his parents were together and didn’t get divorced. Somehow he likes it financially but he yearned for that love. Now he found that love in a girl who knew very little about him. He loved her and wished he could be that special man. Although they hadn’t been dating for so long he felt the urge to be recognised by her family as their future in-law.

He found himself saying “Hello Sapphire, congrats on being the best graduating student in your department.”

“Thanks. Meet my Parents and you already know my sister. Dad and Mum, this is Ovo one of my course mates.”

“And…” Sapphire gave him a nudge.

They exchanged pleasantries and realised he was Nigerian as well.

Sapphire’s parents invited Ovo to dinner after a silent eye contact argument with her Parents but they insisted. She gave in after realising Ovo’s Parents left earlier immediately after the ceremony claiming to have something important in order to save Ovo any embarrassment.

“Thanks for dinner.” Sapphire throttled behind like a child but as angry as a lion.

“What were you thinking coming to introduce yourself to my Parents? I told you to stay away I would do that when the time comes.”

“I didn’t say anything wrong”

“No, you didn’t. What was the ‘And…’ for?” mimicking the manner in which he said it.

“I thought it was right for me to know my future in-laws.”


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