It’s been ages since you’ve been waiting for that miracle,

The miracle seem like it won’t be happening,

But I want to inform you to be ready to expect it

On a personal note, I’ve been praying for many years,

And this issue seemed not to be resolved,

I found a solution for myself without contacting my Creator,

I subtracted HIM out of my life, of my existence,

And the result was a greater problem

Lessons learnt was; never ever control your life,

God does it in his own way, and his own time,

He knows the right time and even if situations get worse,

It is usually for the best.

Sometimes, we are made to learn the hard way

When we become adamant and stubborn

God makes the situation even worse

But that is just the stepping stone to our baby of happiness

It is difficult waiting, but Of course! You can wait

Wait, Wait, Wait,

The spirit says

Do not run faster than the spirit of God in you

He’ll bring that to manifestation

And your expectations will not be cut short


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