Home above All

Why shouldn’t anyone struggle to make it there?

The beauty of the mansion supersedes what mortal eyes have seen.

Where gold is used in its fullness and purity

Where diamonds are inexpensive

Where roses perfect the beauty of the mansion

This home entertains no grime or dross

All who make it there feel great peace

The pillars of this home are solid and nothing can bring it down

This home is made up of so many rooms

The rooms are occupied by the King’s children

Many struggle to be the King’s children

The king promises huge inheritance for his children

Invitations are sent 24hours a day, 365 days a year to become a Prince or Princess

Whosoever honours the invitation gets so many good things

The problem is that many people want to be occupants of this home

But people do not strive to enter into this home

The King wants all our talents, dedication and diligence

He denies entrance to those who keep their old rags

He accepts those who changed their wears for the spotless garments

He denies those who pretend to have the attribute of his child

He accepts those who have the attributes of his child

He denies those who are ashamed to acknowledge him as their father,

But accepts those who do

There is never darkness in this home

People never die there and  It is not on this planet

People seem to be too busy to recognise that there is a home called HEAVEN

We must all strive to enter.


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