Back to Bethel

It was a re-awakening,

The unending shouts of victory and deliverance

And the baffled looks on faces as they received

The power was a great significance of the event

The hustle and bustle of people

Praising God and spilling the beans of his formidable works

Soon retracted as everyone retired to their daily busy lives

Back to the real world,

The first few days were perfect

People still in the spirit,

So overwhelming that we prayed for it to continue

It did continue in our hearts or so it seemed

For how long?

It didn’t last

I reflected;

It didn’t take too long to get cold

Church activities previously my priority

Became events of no special anteriority

Speaking to God during a dedicated hour

Soon became history

“I’m sure God understands I’m busy”, were my daily words

The family altar no longer existed in many homes

And fear became the daily bread of many

My reading table where existed just my bible

Now filled with many random books,

Magazines, DVDs and the bible beneath the rubble

My spare time spent on the computer, surfing the internet,

Facebook precisely

Most of my time spent on me “making ends meet”, I called it

And the flame in my heart quenching by the day

What went wrong?

We all did realise just like the old book stated:

“The love of many will wax cold”

“Yet we still do believe in the Lord” some may say

And now, here I stand in prayer

“Revive us, Oh Lord, pour out your spirit on all flesh

Like the prophesy of Joel.

Fill each heart with hunger for you

And never let us go”

Thus said the Lord: “Back to Bethel”


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