Tale of Melodies

In writing: Please add your comments and improvements to this if you are against abuse. Thanks

Setting: Africa

A young well-to-man meets Julia at the club. Although was previously a young prostitute with great beauty, who having been forced into this profession by her mother’s friend due to hardship sings on occasion at the club. Her melodious voice rings deep into the night and keep the men staring constantly at her great figure. Young Titus on one of his adventure to the popularly known club Adam & Eve in the heart of the city of Lagos, Nigeria, gets acquainted with Julia. Julia falls deeply in love with Titus, although against one of the laws of her profession, Titus finds himself in love with Julia and marries her.

Unknown to Julia of his anger problems, Julia is faced with both physical and verbal abuse on a daily basis from Titus. In the heart aching and devastating situation, Julia finds her talent and writes songs which relate to fight against abused women like her. She is heard singing on an occasion by Titus’ Christian friend Matthew who invites her for a Christian event being a variety evening where she sings. Titus hated Christian gathering and as usual asked a bodyguard to go with Julia to ensure she is kept away from the hands of men. Julia begins her song with a short speech and highlighted quite a good percentage of African women being abused on a daily basis with no help. People are moved by the words of her song and at the end of the event got invited to do same at an NGO. She was given a literature on her way out by Matthew and the story of the literature displays part of her past life and her future.

She becomes well known for good singing with meaningful words and good writing. Her first album sold out within a day and her life changed. This did not happen until she left Titus’ home after a usual fight. She kept reflecting on the Christian literature given to her by Matthew and knew something was incomplete. Titus at this moment wanted her back home. She accepted but on the account of his turning to Christ just the way she did. Titus accepts and deceives her in believing he was now a Christian. He ends up becoming a Saul to now good Christian Julia. Julia’s incessant prayer and the event that breaks the camel’s back propels Titus to Christ in minutes.


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