“I can’t….”

…said the little girl as she looked up her Dad’s ashen face. She was pale from crying as her father pleaded with her to let him go. “I can’t Dad. Hold on to life will you?”.

“Never you say you can’t. It is time love. Hold on to life just like you’ve said and don’t forget all I have taught you. Let God be your best friend and never let him go.” Her Dad ebbed quietly out of life unknown to the little girl. “I can’t leave without you or serve God without you. Why will he do this to you anyway?” Cross and stern, she waited for a response but the response she got was from her aching heart that seemed endless even after years of self struggle. Her Dad’s words came to hunt her after years of trying to pull strings together, she was faced with many difficult tasks and one seemed to be between life and death. Her Dad’s words came to her memory, she sat on her computer trying to solve the problem, she had in mind she couldn’t resolve the issue till she knew Cannot was a dangerous word and in that instant was determined to replace it with Can. Having that in mind she was able to go through the turbulent sea of life and come out victorious with God on her side.

Many people say “I can’t do it” or “I seriously can’t” whatever word you mix up with Cannot do not let this take over your thinking. When you say Cannot, your sub-conscious gets into the act of Cannot and you’ll seriously cannot do that thing. “In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path”… He’ll definitely see through your endeavours. Saying Cannot makes you limit God and he is confined within the powers of your thinking, ‘putting God in a box’ I call it. The Apostle made know mistake when he said “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. If God is your strength, he’ll give your brain the Strength to exceed it’s stated capacity and you’ll find your self doing what you thought you couldn’t do. This is not to say that you should be over ambitious, but take for instance, you are a writer and have been writing in your own little corner but suddenly you’ve been asked to do something really big possible a poem for a big event. He who gave you the talent will help you accomplish the task if you Do NOT say Cannot, but the moment you say it, that is it, you’ll be confined to your little writing.

I was just moved to share this statement with you just as I was thought by my Dad who told me to DELETE this word from my DICTIONARY because it doesn’t exist when it comes to my intellect.


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