Fashion continues to climb the Mogue Ladder

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On day two of the exploiting event,

Mogue began to see more Mogue-ish styles

It was all binding up together

Gradually getting there

An excitement burning

And jubilant hearts for modesty

Then came the expression keepers,

With unpredictable conceptions,

Each blueprint a highlight of intelligence,

Mixing an inspiration of nineteenth century wall paper

And design heroes of the likes of Coco Chanel

–          Clements Ribeiro


 Clements Ribeiro

 Top stylist, interpreting fashion as vice versa

An idea of SS/12 as monochromatic

With a next brand “Cybernetics” and

Outstanding blueprints

–          J.W. Anderson


 J.W. Anderson

 So it continued………..

From LFW SS/12 on Mogue


One thought on “Fashion continues to climb the Mogue Ladder

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