and the World fell

Warning!!! This does not replace the bible. 

Genesis 3

Cunning and sly,

He deceived God’s creature

The helper leaving a niche for the deceiver

The helper explaining the consequences

Fighting against God,

The enemy of God looked for ways

To destroy the beautiful creation of God

Thus a seed was planted

In the heart of the helper

Though forbidden,

The helper obeyed a lower power

Pulling down man

Man did not resist the helper

And God’s enemy

Man was blind to instructions

Thus the creation of God

Friends with the enemy of God

Finally, the consequences

Paved in

The master planner

Could tell his creatures were now

Partners with his enemy

He demanded an explanation

Of what words were there

To describe their disloyalty?

Still he loved them

Because they were like him

But the consequences were to be faced

He made a substitute for their sin

And gave them a covering for their sin

He let them out of his beautiful, words-beyond-description


But not out of his life

Though he cursed them

He blessed them

And then came the first mother of all

And Man became like God with limitations

Thus the beginning of generations of good and evil


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