“You’ve got to check this out….”

A statement we always hear in ‘this world’

A ‘world’ where everything changes within split seconds

An amazing act of brilliance is developed into a classic work of art and it works almost like your thoughts.

Everyone immediately exclaims: “You’ve got to check this out…. It’s so cool”             Soon it is improved, a little tweak here and there and a touch of body work is done, again an exclamation “You’ve got to check this out…!!!”

But then there are grades and classes of each product,                                             Those who have been in it for decades seem to deceive its masses by doing same thing in various ways and only a little change seem to make everyone scream “You’ve got to check this out!!”

Then there are the ‘newbiz’, although not so new, but they seem to offer something better, still they can’t hit everyone but it gets the ‘Wow’ and ‘Amazing’ factor and everyone kills to have it…                                                                          What a classic piece of work? but no consideration in purchase.. it is mind blowing in every way not excluding finance.                                                                             The rich get a hang of it and even have more flooding their homes but the poor manage with what they’ve got even when it kills them.

Again, it evolves, better things are introduced into ‘this world’… and it sure will continue to evolve.. It’s the TECH WORLD (You can never be 100% satisfied with technology, that’s the way it is and will always be)


Your royal-green thought

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