The ‘Magic’ Liquid

Call me a sales person or whatever but I’ve got good news for you. There’s a medicine for all sickness – A dose of this in the morning when you wake up and at night before you sleep

–          Feeling weak? Drink this!

–          Having a migraine? A does of this will make your head calm

–          Are you depressed? It does the work of the psychologist as well

–          Facing a divorce? Even a ‘medicine’ like this can sort things out. Do not forget the word ‘magic’

–          Facing loss? (death, job or money) – this liquid does it for you

It is all in one – How cool?

–          In search of success? Again, use this liquid

–          In search of favour? Hehe! It is this same liquid

–          Marriage or waiting for that day to conceive? It isn’t long now; when you apply this liquid, instant!

Before using it

You need not consult your physician. All you need to do is believe in the power of this liquid. Consult the physician who has this liquid – I’ll tell you his name in a minute

Side Effects

Happiness, peace, problems solved… and many more. No negative side effects. AWESOME.

How to Apply

Believe that JESUS is the son of God and ask him to use this magic ‘liquid’ in your heart. That’s it. HIS blood begins to flow through you, eliminating all problems and your burdens will be left at Calvary. You may be wishing you never read this now but trust me, it works. You don’t have to believe me but believe in the hands that made this world, so beautiful.


You’ll be shouting and singing Hallelujah because your burdens would be lifted. Heaven won’t be too far and I’ll be right there.


Your royal-green thought

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