“… an incomplete house”

It shuts down unexpectedly,

Random people enter through the Window,

Why the name Window?

I critic this, and my analysis found out that it is an incomplete house because it has just a window, no door allowing important events or people to come through,

No roof to protect those in the house,

No solid walls but that made of fire and the fire easily quenched by extinguishers called hackers and the so-called protection (why do we need it?) doesn’t work sometimes when it does, you have to give an arm and a leg to have it at all times (seriously, why windows?)

No floor built on good foundation. More buildings are built upon the previously-not-solid foundation, it sure will fall sooner or later

The thing that baffles me is that it is widely used and well known

Sometimes, I stop complaining but still can’t wait for the better, more solid houses to reduce the pence because this house is half-way down the drain, we are the ones keeping it from falling flat.

The owner and architect of this house, yes, he dropped out of school but we don’t have to keep paying for his decision when it doesn’t suit us properly.

I right this in frustration because one of the Windows developed being used as a source of income for me just crashed due to an attack (and hey I study security but it is not worth my time)

Why do we use Windows Operating System? It is an evolution of Windows NT just a little addition and there comes Windows 2000, Me, XP, Vista (should have told everyone, don’t waste your money but then came…), 7 (brilliant graphics trying to imitate Mac but couldn’t succeed)…, what next?

Following shortly will be a banter with Microsoft and another IT firm.. It is hilarious. I’m sorry Microsoft, but you’ve got to stop using us.


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