the Genesis of Genesis

I Officially begin my Bible tour with Genesis Chapter  1… Your inputs are required. Feel free to comment on this, whether or not it was useful and any improvement.

 Genesis 1

In the abyss of the crust,

Where volcanic eruption did not take place,

In its amoebic form

The porter shaped it beautifully

Words, they say are powerful,

But the entirety of this statement was proven through the porter

With his mouth the shapeless was sharpened and life was born

Due to his perfection,

He analysed every work to see its beauty and improvements

He did not fail to define its purpose

Team work began here for the first time in history

His workers were like him,

And they seemed to think alike

Step by step he finished each work

No doubt there was a business plan,

Unlike workers today

He shaped the earth, designed and built everything in it within his own deadlines

A project manager, engineer, entrepreneur,

Pharmacist, geologist and the list will cover from page to page,

Because he had all the skills of today

A beautiful garden with so much life in it,

Where creatures loved themselves,

And the Porter was the Garden Keeper,

Man, the Gardener,

And Woman, the Assistant

Life was beautiful with just a statement

Day by day each creature was spoken into existence beautifully

With love, he decided to make a replica of him

We were created in his image and in the image of every member of the team

Obviously with all plan made and a beautiful earth,

He called all things beautiful

Like every nation, he had a public holiday and all rested

And like every company, he had a leave

It could be said that an organisation started from this time

And the genesis of a holiday was from the Porter


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