GradualIy crawling..

Gradually growing,

I’ve been lying down for too long,

Gradually I begin crawling

Then I fall flat,

I weep on falling,

Stretching forth my hand to be assisted

My hand stretched forth for so long I think there’s no help

I’ve messed up this time, and this is my punishment, I think

I try to stand but without a balance

I fall again, with a thud to the floor

Will I ever get up?

A strong hand but with a tender touch,

Arms out stretched, waiting to give me a hug when I get up

How do I ever get back crawling again?

I fix my gaze on him with the mighty hand

Gradually I get back up on my knees

Gradually crawling for the hug

but I am caught up with the excitement around me

It is difficult but I’ll get the hug so long as my gaze does not drift from him


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