Is Mobile the new Office?

Almost 29 million Americans now work remotely at least one day per month, according to a Telework Advisory Group report.  That same report said that the number of employees with bosses amenable to telecommuting staff has risen by 63 percent since 2004. Making such flexible work arrangements possible is a slew of mobile devices including laptops, cell phones, smartphones and other PDAs.

But while these devices promise to improve work/life balanceboost productivity and reduce attrition rates, an increased dependency on mobile technology is also raising the stakes for IT managers. That’s because these devices carry a huge potential for significant security breaches, especially now that mobile tools have enough storage for a considerable amount of sensitive data.

Could it be then concluded that the workforce now prefers an e-Office? It is of no debate that everyone wants to wake up whenever they choose without rushing into work and would prefer to work at their pace. It is however, not highly secure to take this route with the increase in Network emergence and its current improvement in the architecture. What could be said of the younger work force just graduating from College of University? Apart from the side effects of health, technologically speaking, a lot of companies could be at risk if this strategy becomes their priority.

Fortunately, there are strategies companies can adopt to minimize their exposure to mobile-device-related security threats. James Quin, an Info-Tech Research Group analyst, weighed in on the pros and cons of the following approaches:

  • Virtual Private Network
  • Password Protection
  • Network Access Control
Will these redeem the security risk?
A white paper from ITsecurity is available here on request only.

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