Safer Passwords???

Passwords are a hotly sought commodity in the criminal underworld. The rapid success of phishing attacks over the last few years is due directly to the fact that passwords are often the only protection standing between an attacker and something of value that can be stolen, such as the contents of a person’s bank account. With that in mind, you’d expect Web users to routinely create the strongest passwords possible. Sadly, but perhaps not surprisingly, this does not appear to be the case. Studies of large sets of passwords recovered from phishers have found that remarkably few people use recommended practices for generating passwords. – by Ram Mohan on Security week

I strongly speak against this. Technology evolves and improves, but this is one area of technology that has refused to develop. It is an old method of authentication and yet highly used in the Top Security sectors. What can be done?? The banks and Security sectors need to wake up. No matter how strong your password is, it can be cracked, believe it or not. The world has gone smarter and we have to develop with the schemes of the IT-underworld. The moment you create a password, a mechanism cracks the password, it is saved in their ‘bank’ and you are screwed with time. Isn’t it time we go with the Biometric? not just used in the Prison cells or for top criminal issues but for good stuff as well. Currently I am working on a project that has a lot to do with DNAs and genes, my next adventure in the Biometric field.

Read my first literature Review on Biometric here.


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