It is always Beautiful

Stretching, smiling, praising,

It is always beautiful

Looking out the framed walls,

Watching creatures of all kinds crawling or walking to various destinations

Some with a smile, some with a song, some with a frown

The frowns get to me,

Why should any frown at something this beautiful

The smell of fresh air goes through my lungs, I feel it through my spine and let it out; the feeling is not like a sigh

It makes me wander at that called nature

Truly, it is beautiful to awaken to such brightness, peace and calm

It makes me want to throw my worries away to the wind

And for a split second, I do just that

As I recogitate the encompassing feeling of nature

The wind on my skin, soft and gentle as it caresses my face

My head raised high to the heavens,

My hand spread high to him who made it all,

My heart in constant rhythm with the song of nature

As the crickets stridulate and the birds chirp, the cats mews join in a lovely rhythm to the Man above

My heart leaps in joy and I bow in worship to such a beautiful Morning.

Mornings are always Beautiful.


5 thoughts on “It is always Beautiful

  1. Very beautiful description of the powerful energy and sublimity of a morning. I am glad you visited me so I could read this lovely portrait of new day.
    I agree it’s beautiful and it takes away worries and doubts. All seem possible then.

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