Surveillance Tech

Could this be another problem in security as cnet explains the surveillance following the September 11 2001 terrorist attack?

Surveillance has come a long way in the past decade.

Surveillance has become a more important method of trying to protect people from terrorist activity, or to root out dissident activity. And there’s no shortage of companies looking to supply the gear that can do those jobs.

Some of the tech employed includes tools that allow governments to hack into individuals’ cell phones and computers, as well as “massive intercept” equipment that can record all Internet communications in a country, according to documents obtained and cataloged by Wall Street Journal. The documents, some 200-plus marketing materials from 36 companies, were obtained by people who attended a secretive security conference last month.

A company describes how it helped “major mobile operator in China” conduct “real-time monitoring” of cell phone Internet content. With the constant increase of expenses on Surveillance tool of about $5 billion since 2001.

Yes, we need to protect the nation and people but do we also consider privacy? Where does its limit reach? as it stands the word privacy is being ignored. What are people doing with regards to this and also protection of people and nations?

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