Thanks through tears

While walking back from a stressful day of learning about the complexities of this world,

I feel the fresh air as the water starts slipping through my tearduct,

Realising how much work I’ve got to do with little time,

I cling to HIM who made me like a dying patient holding on to life with the help of a life support

Then I noticed someone walking passed me from a hospital, tears in her eyes as she whispers softly words unheard and unknown  to the maker of all things

I suddenly find myself whispering a prayer on her behalf and at that moment I realise she may have more problems than me considering crying in public

I begin whispering a prayer of thanksgiving coupled with a heartache but with faith that the one above will take care of all my worries

I laid it all at his feet in thanksgiving and praise, lifting up my Ebenezer for the wonderful life he has given me

I don’t know how to express this praise within but my heart bursts forth with Joy for he is my All in All.


Your royal-green thought

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