Tears of Thanksgiving

Yesterday was a joyous day as we all gave thanks during the service. I’ve never before felt so peaceful within as tears poured down my cheeks and my heart and eyes lifted towards heaven. It was indeed a great Thanksgiving moment for everyone most especially the Widows and Widowers. It was a swell time with lots of fun as well and smiles on the faces of people as the walked out the door. I prayed silently that everyday should be just the way I felt yesterday.




I was honoured to be part of the presenters of the Widow(er)s event were I read a little write-up on behalf of the Widows, again giving thanks to the giver and taker of life. Read below:

Tears of Thanksgiving

Reminiscing the tears, heartaches, sleepless nights, and emotional pain.

It felt like an unending journey of emotional crisis but then HE came to my rescue Just-in-Time

He brought smile, happiness and peace again

Helped out with everything and sorted out my life

He was there through it all, a comforting smile for the day, a soft whisper for the night and a tender touch at daybreak.


It didn’t feel sad anymore because HE was there

And through these years, I can lift up my hands in adoration

Even as I hear HIM say “I am always with you my child”

I smile through my tears of thanksgiving

The praises from my lips are unending

My heart leaps for joy on remembering my beloved because I know, someday, we’ll meet up there

 I am bursting forth with praise because through this long journey of life, through the waves of uncertainty, through the storms of fears, through the bumps filled with worries, I can stand firm and sing Praises to the giver and taker of life for HE has been there through it all and has sustained me.


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