“Lord, it’s too heavy”

After reading an article sent to me by an aunt.. I had to write this:


So many times we as Christians complain about our heavy load which come to us as trials, temptations, issues of life and many more. Many a times I find myself caught up in this statement “Lord, it’s too heavy”. The lord loves us so much that he doesn’t want to cut it down to make it lighter but we want a Microwave answer to prayers. It may not always be instant.

I remember finding myself in a difficult situation once where I almost lost my new mini pc on a seat at a dlr station. A short prayer to cause a little delay that will enable the doors to be open for just a split second to enable me pick up my pc from the seat was answered in less than three mins. After this incident I thought, God always works like lightning.


It may seem really difficult. It is never easy. God promised us help but not an easy road. He’ll never give us more than we can bear as the dear old book states (The bible). In this short pictorial story of the Heavy load, the man asked the Lord to cut down his burden and it was cut down after much persistence.

Sometimes we so want it to work really fast that we seem to forget God’s best plan for our lives. He’ll keep quiet and watch while you go through the pain but you are never alone. He will always send the comforter. When you get to a crossroad of life. When the toughest part of the journey comes your way. This is the climax where most Christians fall (I am a victim of this), your cut down burden will not be of help at this moment. God made the burden that heavy to help you reach that goal. He makes us go through tough times to give us a stepping stone to success.

He wants to see us succeed, so he brings problems our way to enable us get through the tough periods of our success. We’ll later find out that he put us through it all to lead us to greater heights….

Are you still saying “Why Me?”… instead of asking the Lord to lighten your burden, tell him to give you the grace to carry you through this journey of life. He’ll certainly see us through it all. Like the saying goes… “There is always a light at the end of every tunnel” and the Microwave to Answers to all prayer is Praise.


“May God see us through whatever our cross may be. May he help us carry it.”

This is to you Lord:

“Sometimes it becomes so hard that we forget to pray and all we do is plan. O Lord, forgive us for not making you first in all things. Give us all, the grace to go through these hard times. Give us a testimony and a song at the end of this tunnel.” Amen.


2 thoughts on ““Lord, it’s too heavy”

  1. This is soo relative to what Im going through at the moment. Everyone is going through hard times and at one point this week, I questioned God. But He reassured me that He;ll give me the grace to carry on. Thanks for this. Its a reminder to me and everybody else that God is watching and supplying the grace we need daily.

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