Procreation, the first

Parturition took place, the first in history

Although, the pain and troubles of this nature were borne by Woman, still the reverence to the Creator of all things.

Acknowledging the wonders of HIS works and glorifying him in it,

Bringing them up in HIS likeness,

Never forgetting the existence of life mixed with Hard-work

Bearing them in the ways of nature

The fruits of their labour finally paying off and of course paying their tithes and first-fruits (the genesis of this) to the Creator of all things.

Hatred and anger beginning to take its toll on humanity, passed on by the enemy of God, deceived woman and lived in her now existed in her seed.

The Creator, loving and kind like every father would chasten his child, so did he to this first seed of Woman, warned him, acting as the Holy Spirit in us today, against sin and its consequences. – Oh that we listen

Hatred inbred, slowly breeding its worms and gradually building his home in the seed of Woman, finally was exhibited and executed – truly the world began to breed worms of sin from time past

Lies, the brother to Hatred did not seem to hide when the Creator asked Cain about his brothers whereabouts instead it bred deceit and cunning lifestyle.

A curse from the Almighty is worse than any bad thing on earth but He is merciful although Cain failed to utilise the full opportunity but got his reward.

What a wonder, even a deceitful man and murderer could bare fought a heavenly bound child. From one child to another and God’s earth was established with the people therein.


Sometimes I wonder was it worth him doing all this? For we are but an ungrateful generation, a generation that fails to acknowledge his existence and hand work. May we all give him an acceptable sacrifice like Abel and help us to acknowledge our wrongs like his servant David and also help us to live a righteous life like Enoch. Amen

 Genesis 4|Bible Tour|Little Bible


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