It’s all in my feet but it’s all love

Traveling miles away from my usual location,

For days I looked forward to this experience of having to capture a full orchestra

Now I’m here and I’m happy but I’m I really happy?

It’s all caused by my feet

Intending to work diligently for the creator,

I left my studies and exam preparation to help out with where my skill is needed

It is often said that the old wicked man is never happy and it’s true especially when you’ve dedicated your time to God

Walking down the stairs during my duty, shoes off and tights on, the narrow staircase decides to be slippery

I fall, head hitting the wall, ankle twisted, cartilage sprained and tendor pulled

Then I realise, this would be really long

Indeed it was but the love that was shown exceeded what anyone would think

Everyone around me passing on the love of the saviour to me and my heart cries in thanksgiving to God because with each love shown, I get better.

Update coming soon!!!!


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