It’s a saying

A man looks over at the girl with a long hair, great figure, smiley and pretty face and nice as well

He walks over; tries to start a conversation and then numbers are exchanged,

Soon the girl expects his call daily, although pretending not to,

Soon the constant chat over the phone turns out to a movie at the O2 or the theatre or a concert at the Barbican, the night ends with a good night that lingers while some with a kiss

And this saying comes to place “I love you”. Oh no, you don’t!


Another man sees a girl, probably have attended same university together for a year and have similar lectures, he finally gets to talk to her and doesn’t take long to say these words “I love you”. Again, I say you don’t.


There are others who just speak with you for the first time and fall in love while there are some who take time to study you before the word becomes a saying.


For a woman, she might just like a guy for his good looks and then she finally gets to say it. There are different reasons a woman will say that word;

She truly means it,

She just wants to say it to make him happy,

She just wants to say it because it is appropriate for the instance

She is forced to say it

This saying is not just a saying. It is the unspoken words of the heart, an interpretation of the heart beat, an emotional binding word, a word that proves the action and a non-retractable word.

It speaks to the other person in ways normal words won’t reach. These days, it is just a saying but to those who know its true meanings, it is in-depth. It grows daily and doesn’t just pop up in matters of hours or days. It is vital to be put into action for it to take effect. It works with trust and hates lust. It believes in its habitat and will go the extra mile to prove itself. When it fully abides, it is displayed all around you especially to those you truly love.


When you love someone, you’ll always want to see that person smile, to stand by that person in time of problems, to give that person your shoulder to cry on, to pray always for that person, to ensure that person never lacks the word Love, even when the person is far away they are there right in your heart, your words keeping the other coupled with your prayers, and when we need to let go, this word takes its existence because we want the best for this person.


It’s time people start acting out this word!!! It’s the season of love, let us show some love. Someone showed us the true meaning of love and we have to reciprocate otherwise there won’t have been a Christmas if this love did not exist.


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