AW11 been accomplished?

My fashion poetry for British Mogue, an online magazine

Sniffs and coughs,

Headaches and back pains

Smiley and straight faces,

Feet shuffling with the fingers tightly around the paper,

Some smile broadly and intend going back for more

Others cringe at the additions made quarterly and the government’s rip offs

Did it stop the trend?


Satin and Silk,

Wool and fur,

Small and big,

Slim and tall,

All under those excogitations

Did it brighten the trend?


Those several hue shown in the firm leather,

Made for the feet and some for the shoulders,

Those for the shoulders, lightly hanging over giving the true meaning of the period

The silver and gold dangling down the earlobes for some who are able to walk out of those little fashion homes with their head held high

And for others, the platinum will make do for the season,

Not to mention those who count it nothing with the precious stones worn carelessly around their necks, wrist or earlobes

Could it be said that the AW11 has been accomplished or just boring?



Your royal-green thought

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