Ache to Amen

Swollen and red hot,

Pain and tears,

All happened when I happily took those stairs,

With each step I took, the realisation did not hit so quickly,

Soon on the floor,

Head banged against that concrete,

Blood flowing through to the mouth,

And then I realise how merciful and kind God is


Now I jump, run, and laugh

But it wasn’t like that couple of days ago

When leaping seemed difficult

And I had to be held by some strong hands everywhere I went

It’s all a thing of the past now,

But it’s a reminder of God’s love and protection


It took a fall to bring me to my knees back to my creator,

In acknowledgement of his goodness that I had long taken for granted

And it took an ache to bring the Amen back to my lips


I sit still reminisce the event that could have brought me down,

All I do is say “thank you Lord”

He is gracious and kind to all who call on him

He woke me up when others were asleep

He kept me awake just praising him

In pain, agony and tears

I raised my Ebenezer of worship,

I glorify the giver and taker of life

And he sustained me,

Restored me,

And revived me

To him I owe the air I breathe


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