The Period

Hustle and bustle

Car honking

People bumping into each other

Exchange of greetings

Billboards never bare,

The TV on constant run and reminder

It is the Period,

A season


A season that always occur whether or not it is welcomed

To those who believe in it, they are happy again as they reminisce the story

To those who don’t believe in it, it is a holiday, but hey! You exchange the greetings of the season don’t you?

To others, it is a norm


For businesses, ways to make money

For grocery shops; it’s all about the turkey and gravy

For chocolate shops; a special chocolate for the season

For the clothes shop; more winter jackets and gift ideas

For the poor; yet another year but we will survive

For the church; it is Christmas season!

But for God’s people: It is the season of salvation and we all cry “Mary’s boy child, Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day”


It’s a time we Christians rejoice and appreciate God for His undying love to the world!

Whether or not you like it, you celebrate the Christian’s God, why don’t you just let him be born in your heart and enjoy the season of Christmas with perfect peace?


Your royal-green thought

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