Season Praise

The Christmas Praise starts today… I’ll put up few praise poems before Christmas. Check back daily or signup to get a reminder.

I wake to the rising sun,

Taking a peek through the window,

Watching the ray of sunlight beam in,

My now spread bed sheet lay carelessly,

I raise my head to the clouds,

Watching as it moves,

My heart reminding me of many millenniums gone,

When this world was hopeless,

Confusion and darkness occupied it,

When humans thought it wise to pay their creator a visit,

Languages were formed,

When sin gradually began taking its toll on mankind

Then came peace,

He cut through those clouds,

Into a woman,

Struggled to survive,

Finally he did,

Strove to pass on the message of redemption,

And truly he did

I recall the story right from the Word,

With each word thought,

A tear slipped down through my tear duct, down my cheek,

And so was the salvation he passed through to my heart

Hands raised high,

Praising the almighty,

Wondering, how such love could be to a worthless soul as mine,

Bringing peace to my troubled heart,

Taking my worries

Then I remember,

It’s the season,

I fall on my knees to worship the Lamb,

My King, my Salvation

And My Christmas

For without him, this season would be nothing but a tragedy


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