Mercy abused but gained

I’m sold out for you

I’ll give anything for you

I’ll walk the earth for you

Because I don’t deserve your mercy

Messed up, filthy and stinking of sin

Each time, I return to my vomit,

I’m fed up now and I’m leaving it all to you

Just like David, you always forgave

So you did to me and you still do

It breaks my heart to offend you,

Eating the forbidden fruit,

And asking for your mercy

I have abused your mercy and grace

I’m crying in my heart,

Weeping to my creator from deep within my soul

Gradually accentuating to my tear duct,

Each droplet for each sin committed,

Making known my supplication for forgiveness

To my God

In the midst of my fear of God’s disappointment

He tells me he really is disappointed

He reminds me of mercy

And he reminds me of the reason for the season

Immediately, I ask Him to be born in me again

In the midst of the aching feeling,

He gives me peace

And then the fear of the unknown,

Fear of the future

Creeps in

But my life is in HIS hands.


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