Night Divine

A narrator’s speech during the play *Night Divine* written by me and acted by the Children of the Apostolic Faith Mission United Kingdom, London Branch

Night Divine

During that holy period came three nights, nights so precious, nights so alluring, nights so dignifying, nights full of precious promises, nights of fulfilment, nights with extraordinary significance and they were divine.

Somewhere in a little town lived a lonely girl with a heart of depression, filled with darkness, death lingering in her heart and around her;  fear her daily companion and worry did not cease. What a Darkness?

In that same little town lived a family, filled with doubts trying to comprehend her estate, not willing to let go of tradition, upholding their beliefs. ‘the truth’ as it seemed, their home  filled with darkness and loneliness and the fear of death which they deemed appropriate for the situation crept in. What a Darkness for a Night so Divine?

Again in that little town where great mystery never ceased to occur at that moment, lived a young man filled with love and passion for his betroth. Although he loved her dearly, but how could he? She betrayed his love. Filled with hurt and torn between his love for her and what seemed right he sought to end the Night but no, that night was Divine and history had to be fulfilled. He was in doubt and troubled. Oh what Darkness filled his heart that blinded him from the Divine Night?

Far away were men filled with intellect by the Divine maker of the Divine Night who led them with a precious sign. That star that shown so brightly, a jewel of the night leading them to the Divine being. Proved beyond their intellect, yet their hearts being led by the Divine Maker were chosen to see the events of that Holy Night.

Not too far away from the fulfilled promise were Shepherds tired, weak in the cold night tending their flock. Little did they know what that night would bring them or did they know they’ll be one of the special people on earth to be selected to partake in the event of the Divine Night. Poor and struggling in this sinful world, yet rich and happy in the eyes of the Divine Maker. It took just few statements and melodies to prepare their hearts for the special event of the Night. Oh what a Divine Night.

When it all came together, when the final fulfilment was made, then they knew that night will never be erased off history that night would be told from generation to generation. Although people get scared of the night that Night was one Night standing, one precious Night that brought Peace, Happiness and Joy to the world. Oh holy night, Oh Night Divine.


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