After Christmas

I got talking to myself after Christmas,
“You are special n should produce special fruits”, i tell myself after Christmas.
Seeing the need to share my thought to help others who are going same way.. sitting on the chair, my phone in hand, blogging from my phone just after Christmas..
Learning to trust God, reading more edifying books and giving Him the pen if my life, sitting back as he writes the story of my life.
Yes! I finally got something right, giving Him the chance to pilot my life, a good decision taken just after Christmas.
Christmas truly is a story and this is mine:
Kneeling before my bed, my heads bowed, my throat closed tight, strong to fight back the tears of life. Finally, a cry out. I CAN’T take it any more, I CAN’T control my life any more, I CAN’T suffer in silence any more.. it’s time for the Christ in Christmas to take precedence. All i breathe a sign of relief while listening to his calm words. There’s no better story than that at Christmas.
Let’s share our Christmas story.


Your royal-green thought

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