Well of thoughts

HeartIt is the definition of the heart, but the heart is also a well of emotions,

Emotions rising, fighting back to keep normal,

Staring lovingly, hoping at that person whom you think “this is it”

A new year, a new hope, your heart wants a new life

Yes, “I will get settled down this year” may be your thoughts,

But think, pray and act wisely

Is the love story going the right way?

Are you leaving it to the man who made you to fix it?

Are you in control?


While I sit and watch the world revolving around me,

Daily a new child is brought into this world,

Every Saturday, a new marriage,

I think I wish when mine will be

But looking intriguingly on the world today,

The divorce rate eating more into God’s house, the church

A place where chastity, purity is taught in its top most form

Yet misused,

Adultery being misunderstood by many today..

What a world?

I shrink back listening to my hearts words,

Although, wishing to walk down that path,

My heart pushing but the holy spirit leading

The bible, my greatest mentor

And I just love it when it says “wait”

And so I say “I’ll wait”

I’ll wait on my creator

as he gently leads me to the right person.

Will you choose to wait or be caught up in loves’ stream that is not channelled by God?



2 thoughts on “Well of thoughts

  1. The best thing is to do is to Wait on God, to many peoples or rushing into marriage and thats one of the main reason a lot of them don’t work out. I have thought like you at times and still do. Part of my love journey, Guess I need to update it with more questions instead of poetry. God Bless 🙂

    • Yes to the questions. There are questions we need to answer 100% sure before we plunge into marriage. It is a different world unlike just Dating.. Hmm.. It is really tough and I don’t want to experiment but to go into one and stick to it forever.

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