My Treasure

You are precious,

I esteem you of high value,

and the thoughts of giving you away is likened to giving my life away,

I want to give you away to the one I treasure most.

You are mine and because you hold an important place in my life,

I would give you away as a gift to that person I most cherish


But Oh, sometimes I am so caught up in emotions,

I feel it is time to let you go,

then I feel guilty to just let you out of me that way,

I remember you are special,

and you are meant for that special person


I’ll keep you as close as possible,

but I can’t do it alone,

God has to keep you himself

because if I do, I’ll lose you to the wrong one


My treasure, I’ll wait and wait

To give you out to that special person,

the love of my life whom God has made for me.

So, I’ll wait.


Your royal-green thought

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