The end and the praise

Today the period of looking through pages and awaiting “you may now begin, good luck”, ended the first part

Excited and walking gracefully out of the hall,

Every step reminding me of his unending love and answers to prayers,

How he worked me through each answer, even those i had no clue

Did I say I am grateful? I am beyond grateful

Where it ended there the praises began.

how marvellous are you oh Lord…


2 thoughts on “The end and the praise

  1. Beautiful, as I read your thoughts the word comes to mind
    as I adventured in your writing my childhood spark came alive
    writing, oh writing, poems of the soul, my poems of gold
    Beauty, is it a feeling? I can sense it within myself when I close my eyes. I am writing, I am feeling, I think I am back alive.
    May God always be glorified for you, yes you, have managed to express beauty, even the beauty of God. – Azalea

    Wow! Hun first time on your blog, I used to hide in my room for hours writing but havent been into poems and stuff for almost 10 years!!
    But as I said.. I think am back into it. I love it. Thank God for your life!

    • bless u babe. i share in this. i left off weiting for a long time and now i just see the amateur me back in writing, i pray to improve and become a pro.. I love poetry. You might want to consider having a section of your poems in my soon-to-be-published book. Let me know asap.x

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