It is Yours

That which he give,
Little or much,
Sad or happy,
Small or big,
I’ll return as he bids me

Avoiding the cause of the world’s problem
Praying and hoping to live a life just like him,
Following diligently his words,
The examples laid out for me,
Linking back many years ago,
Settling down his word,
Invigorating and infusing that piece of work in my head
I make his commandments a daily living

Each seed received,
I replant
Each goal attained,
I re-invest
All for his works sake,
All for his kingdom

Will he be robbed?
No way
Diligently taking stock of my life
Not until realising he gave it all for me to live
I did not understand the purpose

I paid it all,
I gave it all,
Just as the increase came,
The return was given
Just as his word was out poured in my heart,
The thanksgiving returned
Just as others gave their all for its propagation
I planted as he would have me

Understanding that I live by him and for him,
Understanding that my estates were given, are owned and managed by him
Understanding how far he has brought me,
Understanding that being his child means i’ll never be a beggar,
But all these are secure when on him I cling
And when I live by his principles

My decision hyped with each word I understand,
Now for all I owe,
I give first to you and then to others,
For all I’ve promised,
I pay
For all my wrongs,
I’ll make right
For I am all yours and so are my riches.


Your royal-green thought

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